Fender Bender

Hand painted and airbrushed
Detail of Fender Bender being painted (notice references used for faux polished metal letters)

Sand Dollar

23K engine turn gold leaf
Close-up of engine turn


23K gold leaf with prismatic burnish and painted jewel centers

Daddy’s Boy

Simple 2-color painted name

Sea Rounds

Awlgrip® painted name

At Ease

PPG and HOK urethanes
A lot of work goes into some of these boat names
Receiving multiple coats of clear


23K engine turn gold leaf with double outline

Church Lady

Simple hand-painted name using 1 shot lettering enamel

Cocktail Class Runabout

8′ Cocktail Class Racer

Faux teak and painted pinstriping with engine-turn aluminum leaf numbers
Custom painted graphics with pinstriped flames


Algrip® painted name with 10K gold leaf beveled outline

Mama Mia